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Run #3: The Chinatown Run

Saturday August 12th, 2056:

The team is contacted by Monster, who hooks them up with a new job, telling them to meet the Johnson at 1am in the lowest circle of Dante’s Inferno

Sunday August 13th, 2056:

The team makes there way to Dante’s Inferno, Il Meccanico deploys his drones to keep an eye on the area around the nightclub

Inside the club, they find the innermost circle to be a small private room guarded by a Troll bouncer… inside the private room is an oriental man, the private room is apparently a Faraday Cage and Il Meccanico loses contact with his drones for the duration of the meeting (the drones are smart and enter into an automated station-keeping routine during the loss of communication)

The Johnson hires them to discredit the Movement for Righteous Peace, a protest group that is staging sit-ins outside the Confederate Consulate and Wuxing buildings, describing them as “pro-terrorism”

They break protocol and try to get the Johnson to divulge who he works for, claiming they need to know so that their work to discredit the Movement for Righteous Peace doesn’t blow back onto his employer… he will only confess that he doesn’t mind if the Confederates get the blame for any dirty tricks.

They leave, giving the Troll a generous tip on the way out. They do some research and determine that the Movement for Righteous Peace is a group of predominantly ethnic Chinese in Seattle protesting ongoing Wuxing “counter-terrorism” operations being conducted in Denver’s Chinatown with the blessing of the local CAS authorities… the cause belle being a terrorist attack, blamed on local Triad boss Li Hongzhi, that destroyed a Wuxing building that was being built in downtown Denver… but aside from the fact that Li Hongzhi and Wuxing both shared some deep interest in feng shui they gleaned no deeper information about the conflict.

They decide to proceed with the run.

Sam infiltrates the protesters, who are only too willing to have another warm body (plus he doesn’t look terribly out of place, the majority of the protesters being ethnic Chinese and him being ethnic Korean) and identifies one of the ringleaders, an activist named Zhao Bo

Monday August 14th, 2056

Il Meccanico uses his drones to follow Zhao Bo to the Jade Pillars

Inara asks Madam Astrid if she has any contact with her counterpart at the Jade Pillars, and it turns out she does and the other madam owes Astrid a favor… Inara offers Madam Astrid a cut of 10,000 nuyen to cash in that favor and they soon have a copy of the video that Jade Pillars recorded of Zhao Bo indulging in rather tame, missionary position sex with a sex worker at Jade Pillars

They use the video, and the threat of sharing it with his girlfriend… or worse… his mother… to blackmail Zhao Bo into divulging that the Movement for Righteous Peace was in fact getting funding from the local Triads, and he had documentary evidence of this… evidence they turn over to their contacts in Lone Star and the IIA

The net result: mission accomplished, Lone Star acts to arrest the protest leaders as accomplices to designated organized crime groups, and the Johnson sends payments to their Zurich Orbital accounts



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