Kelly Butte Civil Defense Center

Parent LocationPowellhurst-Gilbert

Subterranean civil defense shelter originally built in 1956 to withstand a Soviet nuclear attack but shut down in 1962 after a botched response to a Columbus Day windstorm.

The facility was repurposed as a police dispatch / 911 call center from 1974 to 1994, including efforts to beautify with a mural by Henk Pander, before concerns about Sick Building Syndrome led to it being abandoned.

Vandals and drug users moved in, stripped copper wiring from the walls, set cooking fires, defecated in corners, and generally making a mess of the place. The entrance was sealed off in 2006 and it may have remained that way indefinitely had it not been for the Lone Eagle Incident in 2009 and the sudden revival of interest in civil defense.

The municipal government excavated and rehabilitated the facility, intending it to once again be a hedge against nuclear doomsday, but with the outbreak of VITAS epidemics and the Ghost Dance War, it was used for more conventional emergencies (to the degree that a magic-heavy insurrection could be considered conventional)

With the Treaty of Denver in 2018, Oregon, including Portland (by then nearly a ghost town), was ceded to the Salish-Shidhe Council, which took possession of the facility.

After the council opened it’s borders to all Metahumans in 2029, the Sinsearach Elf tribe settled in the former Oregon and the facility was turned over to the local government. After independence in 2035, the facility was delegated to the Tir Tairngire military.

Reference: Atlas Obscura

Kelly Butte Civil Defense Center

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